On Technological Progress

Transhumanity depends on the continuation of technological progress, and we believe in the flow of technology in one direction. We observe three empirically demonstrable aspects of technological progress, products of the underlying process of artificial selection:

  • Ineluctable. No force can stop technological progress—provided only that intelligence somewhere enjoys the freedom to learn from existing technology, to imagine new technology, and to apply itself to the task of invention, technological progress will continue.
  • Perpetual. Technological progress moves toward no naturally inherent asymptote or terminus—the process will continue for so long as free intelligence exists, regardless of the theretofore magnitude of change and any instantaneous level of technological development.
  • Accelerating. As new technologies build continually on old ones, the rate of technological progress quickens; especially as new technologies enhance intelligence itself, technological progress will only accelerate, and that at an increasing rate.

These observations notwithstanding, we nohow contend that technological progress moves humanity toward Utopia—transhumanity will come, but it will bring mixed effects.

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