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Practical Transhumanity: Autology + Autonomy + Encracy

How do we practice transhumanity in daily life? What’s the plan? What’re the steps? Besides simply engaging in ongoing discussions on the future, we can undertake some projects today:

  • Autology—“Know thyself.” By (1) keeping abreast of current science regarding our human bodies, minds, and spirits and (2) studying ourselves through examination, reflection, and expression, we develop the intellectual groundwork for transcendence of our present vale of humanity.
  • Autonomy—“Govern thyself.” By taking personal responsibility for our own circumstances and progress, we strengthen a courageous psychology that enables us to take a critical view of the self that we come to know.
  • Encracy—“Master thyself.” (A transliteration and repurposing of a term from Ancient Greek, enkrateia, which meant “mastery of self”.) Building on intellectual and motivational foundations, we can take courageous steps to enhance our everyday lives with the new technologies that lead us stepwise into eventual transhumanity.

Transhumanity isn’t science fiction. And transhumanity isn’t just technological–philosophical discourse. Transhumanity can enhance everyday life—even today—when we walk the path of autology, autonomy, and encracy.